Justin Bieber Flaunts His Naked Butt on Instagram

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago

There is nothing to be surprised about as we are used to seeing the “Baby” singer, 21, semi naked obviously, starting from his Calvin Klein campaign to TMZ’s non-consensual publication of nudes of the star with a well-placed guitar back in August 2013 – there’s no shortage of Biebs candid photos on the internet.

But late on Monday July 6, Justin Bieber shared a fully nude selfie standing on the decking of a boat at Bora Bora, a small South Pacific island in French Polynesia, where he is on vacation, captioning it with “look.”

Actually, Bieber’s naked butt has more of our attention than the beautiful paradise in front of him. It’s proven – the snap has racked up over 850k likes within two hours of it being posted and yes it did ‘Break the Internet’ – says Elite Daily.

And of course Belieber had to take to social media to show their excitement with hashtags like #TURNAROUNDJUSTIN and “LetsSeeTheRestOnShots,” which began trending within the hour after Bieber posted the snap.

Who knows what he has been trying to do? But Justin recently has 32 million followers on Instagram and 65 million on Twitter to ‘Look’ at him.

Apart from fans and media who took note of Justin’s nudity, Ruby Rose, Miley Cyrus, Hailey Baldwin, Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun liked his reveal and left comment at his Instagram page.

Justin Bieber’s nude picture ignited the internet and gave millions of like in just three hours to set a new record!

Photo Sources – Facebook/Justin Bieber 

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