Justin Bieber Gatecrashes California High School Prom – Watch Video

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber Gatecrashes California High School Prom – Watch Video
The girl whom Justin Bieber danced with in a California High School Prom is seen in the image with her date.

What would you do if Justin Bieber drops by your campus and dances with one of the students? For the students of a California high school, seeing Bieber gatecrash their Prom is a dream come true!

The giddy Prom of teenagers was lucky enough to catch Justin Bieber on their school grounds. This was not a usual visit because the pop star turned menace got to be someone’s Prom King on Saturday night.

The pop star turned menace was accompanied to the high school by his rumored love interest Hailey Baldwin. Gabby Westbrook also went to gatecrash the Prom along with producer Jason ‘Poo Bear’ Boyd.

He may be the Prince of Pop but he has now bowed down to another prom-goer of Chatsworth Charter High School in California. Contrary to earlier reports, Justin did not danced with the Prom Queen. The girl whom she danced with clarified on Twitter that she was just wearing a tiara and did not win the crown.

In a Twitter post @ashleeyybrooke, she wrote “Guys I didn’t win prom queen I was just wearing a tiara Celeste won prom queen & she looked amazing”. Prom Queen or not, she sure got more than the crown after Justin joined the crowd and danced with her for a few songs.

Students couldn’t “Belieb” what just happened after the Prince of Pop came in unannounced, reported Daily Mail. The superstar Prom gatecrasher was mobbed by camera-phones wanting to take his photographs from a distance paired with screaming from the giddy crowd.

Bieber, now 21, has earned his millions when he was just 16 for his phenomenal hits after being discovered on YouTube. This could be the reason why Justin was up to party at the Prom. We couldn’t tell if he was able to attend his own Prom after being hailed famous.

Bieber’s gatecrash to the high school Prom made everyone more in tuned to party. They weren’t even sure if the dance and the party were for their Prom or a free Bieber meet and greet concert.

The girl who went by the username Princess Potato on Twitter posted a photo with Justin Bieber captioned with disbelief. The teenager wrote on the social media platform, “I DANCED WITH @justinbieber AT MY PROM”

Bieber stopped in Los Angeles before flying to LAX the next day. He was accompanied by his bodyguards as he went to grab breakfast in a McDonald’s store on Sunday. Justin’s altitude the night before tripped off as he went back to his showbiz life the day after.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Princess Potato

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