Justin Bieber Gets ‘Mean’, Makes Girl Fans Cry!

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber Gets ‘Mean’, Makes Girl Fans Cry!
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber recently upset his female fans by slamming the door at their faces. Read on for more details.

The whole incident took place at the NYC sidewalk where a group of girls were eagerly waiting for their favorite singer so that they could get a photograph with him.

The “Where Are U Now” singer, covered up in shades and a fedora was even hiding his face with a cushion at one point as he made his way across the sidewalk.

According to a woman holding a camera, the girls were waiting for him since 8 in the morning but all they ended up crying.

The girls thought that the handsome singer would easily say yes but the opposite of what they expected happened, as Bieber  walked straight into his car and slammed the door on them.

After such rude response, one of the girl fans said that Bieber’s action was very, very, rude, reported The Dailymail.

Another report by TMZ said that the reaction was not rude, it’s just that the timing of ladies was not correct. Actually the time the girls approached Justin, he was trying to talk to one of his friends. The singer refused to give any photo and said,” Hey, I’m talking to somebody, relax”, slamming the door on them.

It is not the first time that we got to see his tantrums. Earlier, also during a performance  on the “Today Show”, the singer went on complaining about cameras “not catching his moves” while the microphone was on.

No apology or comments have been made by Bieber’s camp but for sure the fans would not be liking his  misbehaviour.

All we could say to Justin is Where are you now?

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