Justin Bieber Gets Ultimatum from His Concerned Management Team

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber Gets Ultimatum from His Concerned Management Team
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Sometimes enough is just enough. This was probably what Justin Bieber’s management team thought as his bad reputation grew over the past few years. But what exactly did they do to convince Bieber to slowly change his ways lately?

An insider for E! News reports that in an effort to make him change his ways for the better, Justin Bieber’s management team talked to him last fall about how he’s changed over the years and gave him a chance to change or lose everything he worked for all this time. “They knew the only way to fix things was to threaten to take it all away. They had had enough of all his ridiculousness. They told him his record company was in danger of dropping him,” the source said.

The talk was definitely enough to convince Bieber to change, as what he’s been showing over the last few months. He has been doing appearances on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, braved the Comedy Central Roast, and made an apology after the roast and on Youtube.

In addition to this, due to his being under the spotlight more often due to bad reasons, Bieber has been kept off the paparazzi’s spotlight as much as possible for a while. A good example of that was his 21st birthday last month. Instead of the expected full-blown party with his celebrity friends and the prowling paparazzi, his team arranged a private celebration in an island near Grenada.

There were also strong hints of Bieber venturing further into the entertainment industry not just by singing and performing. He’s been doing promotional ads, like that of his Calvin Klein bit. He also hinted on testing the waters of TV and movies. This was somewhat shown on the recent news of his been spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio. He was also previously deemed a member of the new Brat Pack by Anna Wintour. He even admitted to his admiring Ben Affleck.

Though these may seem to be subtle moves, they were enough to slowly spread the word that Bieber is changing somehow. All hopes turn now into how much he’ll change to move on in his life.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Joe Bielawa/tm

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