Justin Bieber Invites Selena Gomez to Coachella; Gomez Declines!

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber Invites Selena Gomez to Coachella; Gomez Declines!
from the official facebook page of justin bieber

Pop star turned menace, Justin Bieber, invited Selena Gomez to music festival Coachella.

Bieber was with his pals Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner for the 2015 Coachella Festival. Selena Gomez could have been there too had she not declined the Baby singer’s invitation, reported HollywoodLife.com, citing a reliable source.

Last year’s Coachella festival turned sour for Gomez after she suspected Bieber hooking up with Kendall Jenner. This eventually led to Bieber and Gomez ending ties with each other. Sources reportedly said the pop star wanted to break the ice between them after Justin Bieber invited Selena Gomez along with his other pals.

The report went on saying that an insider said that Justin has reached out to Selena in Atlanta while she was wrapping up her shoot for the film “In Dubious Battle” and asked her if she would join them for the music fest. It was allegedly Bieber’s way of reaching out to Gomez and perhaps a way of telling her he is not dating anyone at the moment

Even as “The Come Get It” singer turned down the proposal of her ex-sweetheart, all the new communication between them has gotten her boyfriend, DJ Zedd, a little spooked out. In recent interviews, HollywoodLife reported that Zedd has given Gomez an ultimatum as she appears to be still hung up with Bieber. The heat was further turned up when Selena recently “liked” an Instagram video posted by Justin on April 9 although she has already hit the “unfollow” button on social media months ago.

Meanwhile, fans doubted if Selena indeed liked the video or was she just taunting Bieber, a way to get back on him, after hanging out with Hailey and her frienemy Kendall. Either way, Selena and Justin seemed to have thought about each other lately. In a separate interview with US Weekly in January, Bieber remarked that “Single life is great”.

Do you think that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez would be friends once again?

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Photo Source: Facebook/Justin Bieber

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