Justin Bieber kicks Argentinian flag off stage, disrespectful enough?

By admin | 4 years ago

During a recent concert Justin Bieber kicked an Argentinian flag off the stage while he was singing. This was taken note of and was considered very disrespectful by the Argentinian people.

It is not just about the Argentinians, if anybody would’ve kicked anybody else’s flag off stage or even just kicked it, it would be very disrespectful.

Many criticized Bieber on treating the flag so carelessly but the star took to twitter to write up a rather long and heartfelt apology on Wednesday to explain that it wasn’t deliberate.

“I’m shocked” , said Bieber in his apology. “I love Argentina and have had some of the best shows of my tour there.” Bieber further explained that people always throw stuff on stage during concerts which can sometimes interfere with the performance and thus have to be thrown off stage, while most of the times its just soda cans and wrappers, this time somebody had thrown the Argentinian flag on stage which was then slid off stage by Justin.

“So once again to the people of Argentina. I’m sorry if that was taken the wrong way and I’m sorry for my mistake”, Bieber yet again apologized to the people for his actions.

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