Justin Bieber, Madonna Play Sexy ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game On ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ [Watch Video]

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber, Madonna Play Sexy ‘Never Have I Ever’ Game On ‘Ellen Degeneres Show’ [Watch Video]
Madonna and Justin Bieber on Ellen

Justin Bieber and Madonna played a steamy sexual game of “Have You Ever” on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” And despite their age difference, viewers can definitely seen that both were equally experienced in the bedroom department. Read on for more details.

Things definitely get spicy as Bieber, Madonna, and DeGeneres played the “Never Have I Ever.” To show how game she is, Madonna even asked if she can spank Bieber with the game paddles.

Both singers were very open about their risqué behavior. This involves fooling around in a bathroom during a party, making out with the thrill of being seen and forgetting the name of a hookup partner.

Justin even stepped it up further when she admitted that she dated siblings (not twins, though) but insisted that he never had phone sex.

Ellen seemed surprise with how candid the two were and pointed out that Madonna and Justin are perfect for each other.

“I feel like I’m getting to know my new boyfriend!” Madonna joked before throwing a warm hug on Justin.

Check out Justin Bieber and Madonna play “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen below:

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After playing the sexy game, Justin and Madonna heated up the room with some harmless flirting. When Ellen brought up the idea that the two were perfect for each other, she added that Madonna’s latest boyfriend was just a year older than Justin.

“I could sit here for a year and wait,” teased the “Rebel Heart” singer.

Bieber then asked if she will be willing to date someone younger than 22. To which Madonna replied that she had “had no limit.” Looks like Bieber is interested in hooking up with Madonna, don’t you think?

Seemingly playing the matchmaker, DeGeneres showed a photo of a topless Bieber seen in the April issue of Men’s Health. Madonna obviously seems impressed and said he looked 22 and laughed.

Do you think Justin Bieber and Madonna are perfect for each other like what Ellen said? Sound off in the comments below.

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Photo Source: The Ellen Degeneres Facebook page

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