Justin Bieber: Why Manager Says Singer Had A ‘Scary Dark Year’?; ‘He Could Die’

By Ivy Candelaria | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber: Why Manager Says Singer Had A ‘Scary Dark Year’?; ‘He Could Die’
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Justin Bieber seems to have been through a lot, back in 2013. His manager Scooter Braun got so worried, that he expressed serious concern about the overworked singer.

Hollywood Life reports that a recent interview with Braun revealed that he felt Bieber was so overworked a few years ago, that it could actually cost him his life!

Braun said that he saw things “going in the wrong direction” and that is why he began to plan: he put arrangements in place, where Justin Bieber will be safeguarded for the long run. There was also some preparation done to scale, because in Braun’s words, “I was not going to let him work. [After “Journals,” Justin’s 2013 digital compilation,]. The singer wanted to go ahead and tour, but in Braun’s honest opinion, “at that time, if he toured, he could die.”

Braun revealed more and said that he “decided I needed six months of that.” Looking at other celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and others, who have asked for a second chance at redemption, the public was able to accept them, but “if you’re the boy who cried wolf, they’ll destroy you.”

Once the manager saw that there was consistency in Bieber’s routine, he thought, “O.K., now it’s time to go back in the professional life.” Six months after that, that’s when plans for the Comedy Central roast and other plans started—“and then the Calvin Klein ads come, and the roast comes …” Braun added.

Braun also explained how people who do not personally know Bieber would never really understand, since they are from the outside, looking in. “They don’t really know what was happening. It was far worse than people realize. And when he is ready, he will tell what he was going through. But it’s a hard thing to watch someone you care and genuinely love go through that. I’m really, really happy that’s over,” he said.

What a relief that Justin Bieber is doing better these days! His album “Purpose”, along with his chart topping hits from it are doing very well.


Photo Source: Instagram/justinbieber

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