Justin Bieber- The New Drama King; Singer First Left The Stage Then Apologized On Social Media

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber- The New Drama King; Singer First Left The Stage Then Apologized On Social Media
Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is in every mood to break his fans’ hearts. He was supposed to deliver a thrilling performance at Chateau Neuf in Oslo on Oct. 29, but it didn’t happen. He left the stage only to disappoint his fans and shattering all their hopes of a rocking Thursday night with a pop star. Read On!

Bieber, 21, was expected to set the stage on fire with his five or six songs but he flee from the stage just after crooning one song. According to hearsay, the pop star got buffed with a fan and he chose to leave the show without singing rest of the songs.

MTV.com has reported that one of the fans said that the heart throb started by singing his 2012 hit “Boyfriend.” But then he saw some liquid spilled on the stage and he decided to deliver the performance again for the same reason. The drama started when he came with a rag and started wiping. The fans who were gathered in the first row tried to grab him and he flinched and moved back.

The “Purpose” singer said, “OK, I’m trying to wipe the floor. Give me a second, yo. Guys, never mind, I’m done, I’m not doing the show. I’m not doing the show.”


In confusion fans giggled and an expression of doubt overpowered their face. And to prove them he was serious, Justin Bieber disappeared from the stage. This didn’t deter fans from loving him any less. They collectively shouted his name in hope that he will return to the stage. They also sang “Baby” together while the stage dancers ensconced on the stage and with glee clapped along, but Bieber didn’t return. Many wonder, can Justin Bieber be respected ever for the way he treats his fans?

After the incident, Bieber made an apology on Instagram. He wrote that he had a “rough week” as he didn’t get enough sleep in past few days. He expressed regret by writing that he never wanted to act so mean to his fans. He had left the show because some fans were not listening to him.

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Photo Source: Justin Bieber/Facebook

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