Justin Bieber Spontaneously Climbs Up A Trunk; Gets A Scary Encounter By a Shark in Sydney

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber Spontaneously Climbs Up A Trunk; Gets A Scary Encounter By a Shark in Sydney
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Justin Bieber, who recently released his newest song, showcased his tree-climbing skills while he’s in Sydney during the Hillsong Conference. Read on.

It appears that the 21-year-old singer spur a moment of decision. He left his crew and climded a tree as he walked through Sydney’s Olympic Park, on his way to the conference.

However, although the controversial hitmaker is having his time of his life getting some height underneath him, he undoubtedly left his team worried. It was while his fans clearly adore and very pleased on what he just did and displaying an athletic side.

In a report made by Mirror, Bieber made a crowd of Belieber’s gathered by the base during the stunt, stood in awe as he went on to the top of the tree.

On the other hand, Master Herald reported that Bieber’s barely had a run-in with a possible shark while having a night swimming in an Australian beach. The singer said that he immediately came out of the water when he freaked out seeing a fin.

In a Q&A session with his fans at the Hillsong parking lot, he gave details on what happened that night. The Canadian hitmaker was sure that he saw a fin, possibly of a shark, despite the oold and darl night. He said that it was not “the cool part of his swim because it really scared him.”

According to Master Herald, Bieber has all the right to get scared especially there was recent news about shark attacks in North Carolina and other shark sightings on the east coast of the US.

Meanwhile, after his athletic display and scary experience, Bieber heads home after a five-day conference. He was seen getting in a private jet plane while on his baggy hoodie, jeans and cap for the long-haul flight home.

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Photo Source: Facebook| Justin Bieber

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