Justin Bieber Takes Note of Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez’ Sexy Curves After Her Split with Zedd!

By Smitha Nambiar | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber Takes Note of Ex-Girlfriend Selena Gomez’ Sexy Curves After Her Split with Zedd!
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Selena Gomez looks hotter and sexier than ever, since her breakup with Zedd, and the one who noticed it more than anybody else is none other than her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.

Yes, you heard it right! Selena Gomez, 22, who till some time back was dating Zedd seems to have found a special place in the heart of the ‘Where Are U Now’ singer once again. After breaking up with Zedd, 25, the gorgeous pop singer has been flaunting her newly acquired curves, having lost a few extra pounds.

Needless to say, she is winning the attention of a lot of young guys, and Bieber too, with whom she broke up almost a year ago. The two have been reportedly bonding well ever since Gomez broke up with Zedd. What’s more, Bieber, 21, even told her that she looks ‘sexier’ than ever.

“Justin is a huge fan of how she looks with a few extra pounds, a source revealed to HollywoodLife.com. Gomez is booming with confidence, and why not? According to the website, Gomez has been getting a lot of love from every guy she meets, and all of them tell her how hot she looks! It is no wonder why Bieber seems to be trying to make up with his ex-girlfriend!

Meanwhile, rumors are abuzz that Gomez could not get over Bieber even while she was dating Zedd. She apparently keeps a check on his social media accounts and also looks into his list of girlfriends!

One of the main reasons cited behind the split between Gomez and Zedd is the fact that the young pop star was unable to leave her past and move on. A source was quoted by HollywoodLife.com as saying that though Gomez never admitted to be in love with Justin while she was dating Zedd, he always felt that he was number two in her life.

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