Justin Bieber Threatened by Zedd in Selena Gomez’s Life and His Career

By Florida Mae Acampado | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber Threatened by Zedd in Selena Gomez’s Life and His Career
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Pascal Parvex | Justin Bieber performing “Favorite Girl” in Zurich, Switzerland.

While Selena Gomez makes beautiful music, both literally and figuratively, with DJ and music producer Zedd, her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber is keeping things cool. Or is he?

Initially, it was reported by HollywoodLife.com that Bieber was furious because Gomez was dating a mutual friend and that she was just using Zedd to get back at him. Apparently, Zedd and Bieber used to work together on the latter’s 2012 hit “Beauty and the Beat,” so they have quite a companionship.

But now, in an exclusive report, it is revealed that Bieber feels threatened of Zedd’s coming into Gomez’s life, especially when he helped her out with a new song. A source claims that Gomez was actually supposed to make a collab with Bieber and not with Zedd, though things obviously didn’t turn out that way.

Aside from this, Bieber also thinks his career is hanging on the line now that Zedd has seemingly been up and about more often.

“Yes, Zedd is a threat to Justin. He’s super talented and successful. He’s got a ton going on and he’s just a nice guy, with an awesome sense of humor. Plus he’s sensitive and quirky and Selena likes that kind of stuff in a guy,” an insider revealed to HollywoodLife.com.

Ironically, it was Bieber who indirectly introduced Gomez to Zedd back when they were still an item. While Bieber was working on “Beauty and the Beat” with Zedd, he once bragged to Gomez how a cool, creative and brilliant Zedd is, and he is thinking of making hit songs together with such a genius like him.

Wow, talk about an epic failure for Bieber’s side, huh? But nonetheless, with Hailey Baldwin on his side, surely things between him and Gomez will come into light, and they’ll be able to sort things out in a mature and sensible way.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Pascal Parvex


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