Justin Bieber vs Nick Jonas: Who’s the Better Calvin Klein Underwear Model?

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Justin Bieber vs Nick Jonas: Who’s the Better Calvin Klein Underwear Model?
Justin Bieber in Believe tour

We obviously could not get over Justin Bieber’s sexy Calvin Klein ad. But doesn’t it just remind you of Nick Jonas’ Flaunt magazine cover? Both are just reminiscent of the infamous 1992 Mark Wahlberg ad for Calvin Klein.

The only question is who wore the classic white CK underwear better?

In a recent survey conducted by Billboard, the two were neck and neck in being hailed as the hottest CK model, with Jonas just barely getting ahead of Bieber with 50.33%-49.67%. Talk about a tough competition. Beliebers better step up their game if they want their idol to win.

It’s no secret that both guys love to strip down, shirtless and show off their rock hard abs. Bieber recently revealed the secret to getting his toned physique. His workout may be insane, but his trainer was nice enough to let him eat everything and anything he wants — fast food and junk food included. You can read all about here.

Jonas workout routine is a tad bit trickier than Bieber’s. In an interview with Details, the singer revealed that he was consuming 4,200 calories a day to bulk up. The 22-year-old had to toughen up his image for his role in the DirecTV original series “Kingdom,” where he played an MMA fighter.

Unlike Bieber, Jonas had to pay attention with what he eats because of his diabetes condition.

“I do have guilty pleasures, though. I wasn’t drinking at all while I was training for the show, but now that we’re done, I keep it classy with Coors Light,” he shared.

Which star looks hotter in his underwear? Justin Bieber or Nick Jonas? Or are they just equally sexy? Let us know what you think. Sound off in the comments below.

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