Justin Bieber’s New Single ‘What Do You Mean?’ Impressed Selena Gomez? Are They Getting Back Together?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago

A few days back the “Good For You” singer Selena Gomez disclosed a major secret of her past relationship with the Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber. Gomez had taken off her purity ring during their courtship that her dad gave her when she was 13. And she did not repent for losing her virginity to Bieber at 21. They might have broken up just a year ago but there is no doubt they still have good friendship and respect for one another, mainly in the professional podium. The 21-year-old Bieber has achieved a big hit with his new single “What Do You Mean?” and there is only one person who is even less surprised at his huge success. She is Bieber’s ex girlfriend Gomez.

According to HollywoodLife.com, Bieber’s latest single “What Do You Mean?” premiered at the top spot on Billboard Hot 100 Chart tracked on September 8. It was just a record-breaking honor for the young singer-cum-actor. Like other Bieber’s fans, Gomez is not shocked with Bieber’s mammoth success as she personally knows his talent that can only bring good music.

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“She (Gomez) has heard the song and definitely likes it. She is happy for him, but is not surprised [at the song’s success] because she knows he is super talented so she only expects good music from him,” a source told the outlet about her thoughts on his new release.

Over a year has passed but Bieber said that he was still mending his broken heart. The radio hosts of the Kyle and Jackie O Show had a telephonic conversation with Bieber recently, to discuss about his relationship status and his latest single “What Do You Mean?” The young pop singer suddenly revealed the unhealed sore he had kept in his heart without pointing anyone responsible for it.

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However, Bieber’s new single seems to have impressed Gomez. We can’t deny that they still have flames burning inside their hearts for each other. The fans of the duo always want them to be together. Bieber’s confession, emotion, and so down to earth attitude towards Gomez, indeed reveal the pain he is going through. But, will Gomez too ride on her emotions? Time heels all pain, but for now, we can just hope good for the duo touching new heights in their professional and relationship grounds too.

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Photo source:  Facebook/Justin Beiber

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