Is Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” a threat to One Direction’s five- years reign of being at the top?

By Sohini Halder | 2 years ago
Is Justin Bieber’s “Purpose” a threat to One Direction’s five- years reign of being at the top?
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So it turns out that Justin Bieber really wants to overrule One Direction by his new album “Purpose”. The “Sorry” and “What Do You Mean” hit maker wants to take precedence so badly over Louis Tomlinson, Harry styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne, that he undoubtedly grabbed a headline in the infamous New York Post. The source did not really confirm the transparency of the scenario that, if Bieber really is desperate, but the never ending speculations about it making it a bit more interesting.

But between all these gossips, the primary question is will Bieber achieve his goal?

One Direction is somewhat familiar to be on the top from their last five years in the music industry. Last week Bieber and the British lads released both of their albums “Purpose” and “Made in the A.M”, respectively and everyone is absolutely swamped with the amazing tunes. While One Direction is topping the major charts like iTunes and Billboard, Justin is trying really hard to make a good promotion of his new album, which is fairly considered as the revival of the artist with more mature and subtle music.

According to Page Six, he tried to boost up the selling of his album “Purpose” by giving away tickets to his concert at the Staples Centre last week and a massive number of albums were sold in almost in a blink. But that’s not something insane as a lot of artists nowadays are taking up strategies like that. But this does not confirm that he will do absolutely “anything” to hype his album.

Justin Bieber would definitely love to override the One Direction lads, but definitely not by compromising his self esteem. We are talking about the 21 years old, who became insanely famous at the age of 13 with a smashing hit. But while it comes to topping an extensively known One Direction, we will just have to look out how their music speaks, because at the end of the day, music is their forte to prove themselves.

Photo Source: Justin Bieber’s official Facebook page.


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