Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Vs One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ : Which Has Higher Sales?

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Vs One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ : Which Has Higher Sales?
Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ Vs One Direction’s ‘Made in the A.M.’ : Which Album Has The Higher Sales?

Beliebers and Directioners have marked November in their calendar for the much awaited album release of Justin Bieber and One Direction, respectively. It was a close battle expected by the critics especially that both artists have chosen the same day for the said release. Who among them fared the better sales? Is it ‘Purpose’ which is the pop singer’s first album in three years? Or is it “Made in the A.M.” that is the group’s first album after Zayn Malik left?

According to the Rolling Stone, Justin Bieber gained the upper hand in the clash with more than half a million in total sales as the latest statistics presented. ‘Purpose’ marked 649,000 copies sold for the first week of its release. Out of this number, 522,000 units are attributed to the album sales and the remaining numbers are associated to downloads and online streaming. It now currently holds the record of being the 2015’s best-selling album in the sales week.


649,000 is a huge number compared to 459,000 total sales album of the British group but it is just enough to land them on the second spot for the particular statistical count. There are 402,000 album units sold from this figure.

Apparently, Bieber didn’t simply dominate over One Direction but he has also repeated what was last accomplished by the legendary John Lennon way back in 1981, according to Tribune. Both of them had three songs from their album release to make it in the top five of the UK singles charts. “Sorry”, “Love Yourself”, and “What Do You Mean” ranked in the first, third, and fifth spot respectively. These were the same positions for John Lennon’s songs “Imagine”, “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)”, and “(Just Like) Starting Over”.

Justin Bieber’s latest album has created new milestones for his career. What will he conquer next?

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