Justin Theroux Talks About Life With Jennifer Aniston

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Justin Theroux Talks About Life With Jennifer Aniston
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Justin Theroux admitted to having an amazing married life recently. He had wed Jennifer Aniston in August and the couple have been seen together on many occasions. Read on.

Theroux was on “Good Morning America” recently and opened up about his marriage with the actress. Aniston had previously confessed to their marriage being deliriously happy and Theroux told the interviewer that he felt likewise too. He thought that they were fantastic together. He also told everybody that his marriage with Jennifer Aniston was extremely relaxing and he felt like he was being eased into a better life. He confessed that marriage has a way of refocusing things and he was enjoying it.

Theroux also spoke about his wedding day and told the interviewer that he was glad that the ceremony was officiated by Late Night TV Show host Jimmy Kimmel. The late night host officiated the ceremony with panache and made sure that the ceremony stayed light-hearted even though he couldn’t help himself when a tear stole into his eye and made him cry. Apparently, a lot of the attending public got teary eyed too that night and it was a happy occasion for all. Theroux said that it was the perfect tone for the night.

Theroux is working on the next season of “The Leftovers.” The new season of the drama series premieres on Sunday on HBO. He is also busy with “Zoolander 2,” which stars Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Penelope Cruz. He laughed when he was asked if he can do the sexy pout from the movie. He said that he couldn’t. He said that Ben Stiller was about the only person in the world who could do it. He called the pout a “blue steel” pout. Apparently, there’s even a name for it now.

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