How Has Justin Theroux’s Relationship with Jennifer Aniston Changed after Marriage?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
How Has Justin Theroux’s Relationship with Jennifer Aniston Changed after Marriage?
Justin Theroux

He has been engaged to Jennifer for many years before tying the knot in the month of August this year. Meet Justin Theroux as he that how his marriage to Jennifer Aniston has actually changed for the better. Read on.

On Wednesday, in an interview given to Good Morning America, Theroux could not restrain himself from gushing about his wife to Robin Roberts, the co-anchor of the show.  He said that they have a fantastic marriage. He also admitted that things shift after marriage in a wonderful way.  He feels that marriage is a wonderful thing for him.

So how has married changed their lives? According to Theroux, it is quite a lot actually.

When he was asked about how their marriage had brought a shift in their love, Theroux replied that it is not quite explainable but goes beyond just wearing a ring. People tend to relax after they are married.

The wedding took place at their Bel Air home and Jimmy Kimmel officiated the event.

Theroux said that having the late night host officiate their wedding was a privilege as the latter was quite funny and kept things very light.  “The Leftovers” star was really touched after the way it was handled by Kimmel.

The finale of the wedding was of course when Kimmel could not hold back his tears, Theroux revealed. He added than then everyone else followed suit. It was an apt tone for their wedding night.

Theroux is a busy man with his career apart from being excited with his recent marriage.

The premieres of “The Leftovers” which marks the second season of his HBO series were held on Sunday. The actor explained that the second season becomes more emotional and psychological as compared to its first season which was a bit bleak.

Justin Theroux’s “Zoolander 2” would hit the theaters in 2016 and the actor is eagerly waiting for that.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Justin Theroux

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