K-Pop Group Big Bang Contract Renewal With YG Entertainment Still Uncertain

By April Lara | 2 years ago
K-Pop Group Big Bang Contract Renewal With YG Entertainment Still Uncertain
Big Bang

Big Bang is earning a lot of recognition and success and recently, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk talked to Daily Sports about Big Bang’s contract renewal. Is Big Bang renewing their contract with the company? That is the question to be answered. Read on to know more details.

YG Entertainment has been expanding its line of business from their own fashion line and now they are providing food services to the market. As for Big Bang, the band has been releasing new songs every month and Hyun Suk said that the band is the amongst the biggest leaders of the Hallyu wave, and releasing their very first album after three years.

Hyun Suk also said that Big Bang is focusing on promoting their album worldwide. However, local fans of the group complained that the band wasn’t able to promote “Sober” and “If You” but Hyun Suk was apologetic because of this and was confident that the fans would understand why they promote beyond domestic limits. For the company, Big Bang has a huge potential to market internationally and so far, they have been very much successful.

He also said that due to the rise of Big Bang in the domestic and international market, it paved way to their other artists such as Winner and iKon.

Regarding Big Bang’s upcoming contract renewal, he said, “The members of Big Bang grew up in the YG system and I have been with them for over 10 years. I don’t think there will be objection. But even if Big Bang does choose to leave YG then I will help them. What I really want is Big Bang to stay together. I want them to promote together as Big Bang even when they’re older, like the Rolling Stones, and I wish to help and support them along the way.”

Recently, Big Bang bagged the No. 1 position in this week’s “Show! Music Core” with their song “Let’s Not Fall in Love.”

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