Kanye West’s ‘All Day/I Feel Like That’ New Video Leaked Online Before U.S. Premiere

By Sohini Biswas | 2 years ago
Kanye West’s ‘All Day/I Feel Like That’ New Video Leaked Online Before U.S. Premiere

Kanye West new video leaked online before its premiere in the U.S. and now you can watch it “All day” before its officially aired. Read on.

During a four-day event at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, from July 25-28, the 9-minute music video for “All Day/I Feel Like That” is going to make its debut for U.S. audiences. Unfortunately, the video, which was directed by Steve McQueen and sung by West, is a slightly shorter and low quality version hit the Internet weeks before.

The Huffington Post says West’s video was reportedly shot in one take. LACMA reported that West’s newest music video is described as it “straddles the mainstream and the avant-garde while challenging preconceptions on both fronts.” On the other hand, it was only fancy-schmancy talks for the video which only featured West running around and sitting down inside a warehouse.

West spoke about a misconception of him promoting negativity, at the LACMA event. It was the place where West and McQueen debuted the video.

“No, it’s the promotion of truth as pavement to put the home on.” West said.

Further he added, “To put the basketball court on, to build the city hall. Let’s start with truth, and let’s build a community upon it.”

And let’s start that community with a warehouse. Preach, Kanye.

Photo Sources – Facebook/Kanye West

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