Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Baby Name Creating Jokes and Spoofs

By admin | 5 years ago

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have finally given their newborn a name and it is North West. As quickly as the name was released, the newborn’s name became a punch line on Internet.

It took very little time after the rapper and reality TV’s baby’s name was leaked on Thursday before the first tweets started appearing on Twitter over the new baby’s name – North West.

Cheap shots that were expected started to role in. One such shot asked if Kardashian had given birth to a compass or a daughter. Others tweets just showed an airplane with the same name – North West, the now extinct airline and said the first picture of the new baby of West and Kardashian.

Other popular tweets spoke of the possible literary career of their daughter saying she could write a book titled North, by North West, just like the film that starred Cary Grant and directed by Albert Hitchcock.

One even said that Blue Ivy received the stripper name, while North West gets the direction to reach the strip joint.

Another tweet said they would name their child 40. 7144 N, referring to longitude and latitude lines.

Regardless of how others react to the new name, the two parents are full of pride and joy over their new daughter.

One thing is for sure, if North West grows up and does not like her name, she certainly will have more than enough pennies to pay to have it legally changed.

Imagine if she were to marry a man by the name of Mr. Pole, she would become North Pole.

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