Kanye West gets his own Religion?

By admin | 4 years ago

The newest religion to hit the streets is none other than YEEZANITY! And who other to start this kind of a doctrine than Kanye West. He has been known to call himself a god before so it does not come as a surprise to us. The name of the religion is derived from his latest album. To be more specific, it is a combination of his nickname and the name of his song, Yeezus.

There’s a website for the newly found faith of Kanye’s and it is being portrayed, from what I understand as a digital church. Followers of the religion at the ‘church’/website have proclaimed it to be “The best church of all time”.

The founder of the religion who wished not to be named and to remain anonymous (but of course we all know that Kanye is the one behind this) told Vice that Yeezanity was the next big thing because “Jesus has too much baggage”.

According to the website, the religion has “5 Pillars,” a “Golden Rule” and “Declarations of Faith,” which include “I believe I am a God. I believe Yeezus is a God,” and “I believe money has become unnecessary” – something which might be news to the flashy rapper himself.

If you want to join the religion, go right ahead cuz there’s literally nothing to it like joining other religions. You don’t have to be baptized and all that stuff. Simply send an email to the site with a picture of you holding up a sign that read ‘I believe in Yeezus”.

Source: NineMSN

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