Kanye West: Kardashians Yet to Visit Him In Hospital, Kim Kardashian Probably Upset

By Savitha Muppala | 2 years ago
Kanye West: Kardashians Yet to Visit Him In Hospital, Kim Kardashian Probably Upset
Kanye West

It has been more than three weeks since Kanye West had a nervous breakdown and hospitalized at the UCLA Medical center. Now, certain aspects of his relationship with the Kardashian family is apparent.

Though Kim Kardashian stayed with him as a great support, her immediate family members did not pay a visit. This indifference is stark and cannot be pushed under the carpet. It also reveals more about the family’s sentiments towards West.

Confusing Signals: Kris Jenner Resents Kanye West?

Is the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian family conflict a recent occurrence?

There appeared no signs of any conflict until a month back. Kim’s family including Kourtney, Kendall, and Kris Jenner attended his concerts in Los Angeles.

Allegedly, West and Kim’s family had a bitter feud before the breakdown. In addition, Kris was apparently infuriated after hearing about West’s hospitalization.

She had disclosed to a friend about how the rapper had ruined a great comeback for Kim Kardashian. Kim was scheduled to attend the grand evening at the New York Angel Ball.

We could watch this moment on repeat forever. ❤️

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 The Kardashians Boycott Kanye?

Most of the Kardashian family members including mom Kris Jenner were in New York. It was after they admitted Kanye West in the hospital, reveals Extra TV. Yet, they chose to not pay him a visit after his hospitalization.

There is a conflicting opinion that West was clear about spending time alone. Kim also chose to keep her family away from him as she did not want their presence to trigger a negative emotional response. Kim just wanted West to recover soon.

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Kris Feels Kim is a Crowd Puller on KUWTK?

Kris Jenner was desperate to get Kim Kardashian back on the show. Did she have an ulterior motive, knowing Kim’s positive influence on the show’s viewership?

Apparently, West had clarified to Kris that he is not too keen that Kim participates in the KUWTK show, as it exposed her to more risks.

The Paris robbery, according to the musician, is a fallout of this exposure. Allegedly, West had a run-in about this with Kris and this perhaps kept her away from paying him a visit at the hospital.

Meanwhile, Kanye West is under the care of his personal physician and wife Kim Kardashian. Watch this space for more updates on the alleged friction between Kardashians and West.

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