Kanye West Reaches Human Limitation; Nervous Breakdown Might Cause Insanity

By Eva Artosilla | 12 months ago
Kanye West Reaches Human Limitation; Nervous Breakdown Might Cause Insanity

Kanye West reached the point of his human limitation. He did not notice how thin he has spread himself over so many worries and preoccupation. Then he snapped! He went way below his sanity. He forgot that he is not a machine but a frail human.

According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian’s husband has so much work that he can handle. Sources revealed that the father-of-two had so much emotional load before his hospitalization. He was reportedly beset with so many cares – running his business, a series of concerts, parenting and providing emotional support to his wife who still has not recovered from the trauma of the Paris robbery.

As a result, he lacked sleep and was in deep exhaustion as reported by TMZ. Added to them is his sadness for the loss of his mother who died November of 2007. He could have celebrated her death anniversary if not for his hospitalization.

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Kanye West just broke down and needs to be treated right away. He was on the edge of psychosis because he was hallucinating that people want to destroy his marriage. He was also afraid to be treated by the doctors that attended to him.

What Is Kanye West Up To?

Why did Kanye West go on until his breaking point? He and his wife are already well-off. How much money do they need just to stop and enjoy their lives? Hopefully, the pangs of greed have not eaten them up.

What is his goal that he has to use up all his energy just to cope with all his works? Now he knows that everything is like chasing the wind. He will earn all the money and the fame at the expense of his sanity.

It is high time for the couple to assess their lives. Too much vanity is fatal. Wealth and fame are not evil but when they rule over a person, bondage follows.

Kanye West was about to be released from the hospital but the doctors changed their minds. No new updates are released at the moment. Stay tuned for more news about the rapper’s mental condition.

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Photo Source: Facebook/Kanye West

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