Kanye West to Release Diss Track on Tyga and Kylie Jenner Haters including Nicki Minaj

By Acsilyn Miyazaki | 3 years ago
Kanye West to Release Diss Track on Tyga and Kylie Jenner Haters including Nicki Minaj
Kanye West to release diss track against Nicki Minaj to defend Kylie Jenner.

After Nicki Minaj threw some major punches at Tyga and Kylie Jenner, Kanye West is not so happy and plans to diss the Superbass singer to avenge his minor sister-in-law. Read on for more details.

Hollywood Life reported that Minaj started the fashion rap feud with Tyga and Jenner by wearing a T-shirt with the “Pervert 17” shirt in her latest video “Feeling Myself.”

This has caused insult on Tyga, Minaj’s former Young Money colleague whose relationship with Jenner has been scrutinized in Hollywood given the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star’s young age. A source told the outlet that Tyga felt it would mean one thing to insult him and another to insult Jenner.

Jenner’s brother-in-law, Kanye West, is not happy at all with the uproar Minaj has caused. According to the report, Kanye is planning to release a diss track to avenge his sister-in-law.

The video released on May 18, 2015 showed an unsubtle punch to both Tyga and Jenner, who we all know is only 17 years old. On the other hand, while Minaj seemed to be confident about slamming Tyga in her latest music video, she may have to worry about West coming after her.

According to an insider, West has taken the insult poked at the couple personally. The source also added that West has the “you diss my family, you diss me” attitude. We can say that perhaps he has been fed up with all the attacks thrown at his sister-in-law from the likes of Amber Rose, Blac Chyna and others who have hated Jenner.

The report went on saying West has had enough of all the people attacking the relationship between young celebrity and the rapper. It was also said that he is not going to let Minaj get away with it after she has been so outright rude in her “Feeling Myself” video.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/David Shankbone

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