Kasi Lemmons Never Gets Tired of Once

By admin | 6 years ago

Writer-director Kasi Lemmons projects include Eve’s Bayou, Talk to Me and The Caveman’s Valentine. She won an Outstanding Directing in a Motion Picture award for Talk to Me at the 39th NAACP Image Awards. She confessed that one movie that she could watch repeatedly is the musical Once, which is made by John Carney. She said that she was so taken by the filmmaking. Kasi Lemmons

Kasi Lemmons said that she first saw it in theaters and she thought that it was spectacularly made. She has special moments regarding the movie but one of the sweetest is with her sister. She watched it with her sister, who she said has a different movie taste. Her sister’s favorite movie is Love Actually while Kasi likes The Celebration. But they share some similarities in their tastes. They both love Once and rented it out one day. They watched it seven times within 24 hours. They just played it non-stop. It was a sweet bonding memory for the two as they sang songs together. Their kids joined them in the sing-a-long and it became a pajama-Once-party.

The writer-director confessed that Once has a special meaning for her. She said that every time an opportunity comes when she run into the movie, she has to watch it. She’s compelled to re-watch it every time.

The movie has a special place in her heart because she lost her sister a year ago. The sister passed away and now when she watches Once, the memories of her the time spent watching it with her sister comes back. It is a wonderful relationship that one might not be able to keep but allows the person to move one and love again and keep on living. It gives her power and strength. This is why Once is a special movie for her.

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