Kat Von D Refuses Interview on Morning Show

By admin | 7 years ago

Reality television star Kat Von D abruptly left the set of the “Good Day L.A.” television show yesterday, angered by comments by one of the hosts concerning a tattoo depicting her ex-fiancee Jesse James.

Kat Von D, who was doing publicity for the new season of “LA Ink,” was preparing for her first appearance on television since announcing the break-up with James on Twitter. However, closed-circuit television cameras showed Kat Von D leaving the building after co-host Jeff Michael raised the sensitive subject before the interview began.

The hosts of the morning show were clearly confused after Kat Von D refused to do the segment, leading to a war of words on the internet about the unusual circumstances of the situation.

Kat Von D fired the first salvo, sarcastically thanking the hosts for the “waste of a perfectly good morning.” However, she eventually calmed down after reevaluating the situation, writing a post on Facebook where she backed down on the issue. “I’m usually strong enough to not let things get to me like this,” she wrote last night.

The hosts of the show argued that they did nothing wrong, stating that they would have let the issue alone if she had mentioned it beforehand. However, they did say that they would be happy to have her back on a future show.

Kat Von D Refuses Interview on Morning Show
Kat Von D Refuses Interview on Morning Show


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