Kate Beckinsale Could Foresee Her End Of Marriage To Len Wiseman?

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Kate Beckinsale Could Foresee Her End Of Marriage To Len Wiseman?
Kate Beckinsale

Could Kate Beckinsale predict the end of her marriage much ahead? Maybe she did not foresee it too clearly but if you look back her past remarks now, the star of the “Underworld”  did look a bit skeptical as far as her marriage to Len Wiseman is concerned.


It was confirmed by E! News that the couple, who had been married for 11 years, has finally separated now. A source added that the duo had not been staying together for the last few months.

Things did not look the same even a year back when they were seen together at the American Music Awards on 2014, but such togetherness were not seen very recently. In fact, a month ago itself, neither Wiseman nor Beckinsale could be seen with their wedding bands on separate occasions.

But whatever it may be, what can be hoped for the best is that the couple has an amicable split. It is another such sad separation that took place in a year that was packed with so many of them.

Now if we judge what Beckinsale had been saying in the past, it may not come as a big surprise.

Beckinsale, who now has a 16-year-old daughter named Lily from her former hubby Michael Sheen, seemed to have had some sort of inkling way back in July 2012.

The brunette stunner told Glamour U.K. then that she was going through a dilemma of whether to have a baby with Wiseman or not. While this may not have any relationship with their separation, today  Beckinsale’s reply might have implied something else.

The actress had said that through she would have loved to have a second baby in her new relationship and want to go through the experience of motherhood when the relationship is going great, but she was not very sure.

Could Kate Beckinsale have implied that she was having a great relationship with Beckinsale unlike her earlier relationship, but she was not very sure about whether to expand her family or not?

Maybe she meant that she would not have liked to have another child when things were good like her last times because what would happen if things would go so


Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons/Kate Beckinsale

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