Kate Beckinsale And Len Wiseman Seen Without Wedding Rings: Marriage On The Rocks?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kate Beckinsale And Len Wiseman Seen Without Wedding Rings: Marriage On The Rocks?

Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman seem to be drifting apart. The couple has been spotted without their wedding rings a couple of times and now a new report from radar online shows Wiseman on a date with a mystery girl without his wife. Read on for more details.

Len Wiseman is known for his big hits – the Underworld series and the Die hard series, but he is also known for being Kate Beckinsale’s good husband. Beckinsale’s ex-partner, Michael Sheen, has always commended Wiseman on being an excellent husband to Beckinsale and a good father to daughter Lily Mo Sheen.

But new reports from Radar Online and Classicalite seem to point out the fact that Wiseman and Beckinsale are no longer as close together as they used to be. Apparently, both Wiseman and Beckinsale have been seen out and about sans their wedding rings and partners.

Though this could only be a rumor and Len Wiseman was probably only on a business date, there have been sightings of him going out with much younger woman to interesting places like Bar 1200. Of course, he wasn’t out on a one on one, tete’ a tete’ kind of date, but the girl he was out with was young and pretty.

Wiseman and the girl also had an older woman for company, possibly a chaperone? We wonder what made him take out two women for a dinner date. Was it really a romantic outing or was he just out on a harmless business date with a couple of colleagues?

I guess we wouldn’t know unless someone asks him about it. You can see them here.

Meanwhile Kate Beckinsale and Len Wiseman have both confirmed that they are going to work together on the “Underworld’ series again. An “Underworld” sequel is under way. A “Die Hard” prequel is also being considered by the production house.

Photo Source: Facebook / Kate Beckinsale

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