Kate Gosselin Gets Lonely With 8 Kids; Wants a New Husband

By DV Pre | 3 years ago
Kate Gosselin Gets Lonely With 8 Kids; Wants a New Husband
Jon and Kate Gosselin in 2008

Is Kate Gosselin dating millionaire Jeff Prescott?

Sorry to burst your bubbles “Cebrity Apprentice” and “Kate Plus 8” fans, the reality star says she’s not dating anyone at the moment. Gosselin added that she and Prescott were just business partners.

Dating, however, is not the farthest thing in Gosselin’s mind. She might have said a few times that she didn’t have time for a new man in her life, but it looks like things are about to change.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, she even goes far as saying that she craves a man’s presence in his house because it could get really lonely. Gosselin’s just a bit afraid to see anyone serious at the moment, especially with eight kids and a reality TV shown under her belt.

In E! News, Gosselin says even her kids want her to start dating again.

“My kids still talk about it all the time. Our microwave broke like a week or so ago, and I was trying to take it out, you know, it’s like mounted into the thing, and I was trying to get it out and the kids were eating dinner and I have my screwdriver out and Leah said, ‘And this is another perfect example of why you should get married again!’” Gosselin explains on E! News.

Gosselin and ex-husband Jon ended their 10-year relationship in 2009. Since then, she has remained relatively single while her ex dated several ladies like Liz Jannetta, Kate Major and Hailey Glassman since the split.

The reality star seemed to let her guard down in the past months. Kate was said to be entertaining a few suitors but says she’s only after men who can accept that she and her kids are a package deal.

We’re sure there’s someone out there for you, Kate! Are you sure you don’t want to give Jeff Prescott a chance? They looked good together, don’t you think?

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