Kate Hudson to Star in Kung Fu Panda 3: She Will Be Po’s Love Interest!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
Kate Hudson to Star in Kung Fu Panda 3: She Will Be Po’s Love Interest!
Kung Fu Panda 3

Kate Hudson is all set to star in Kung Fu Panda 3. She is going to do voice over for the Kung Fu Panda, Po’s love interest, Mei Mei. Read on for more details.

Who's that sassy Panda? It's Mei Mei who's me me in Kung Fu Panda Three Three! #KungFuPanda3 #MeiMei #WaitTillYouSeeHerRibbonDance💃#MyKidsAreSoExcited 😜😍😊🐼

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Hudson recently posted on the Instagram that she will be doing the voice of Mei Mei. She is a girl panda who is romantically obsessed with Po, the panda who is the titular character in the film. Po is played by Jack Black in the film.

It was previously rumored that Rebel Wilson would be doing the voice over for the character, but the plans fell through. It was revealed that Wilson couldn’t play the part because of scheduling conflicts during the recording. The role eventually went to Hudson, who was extremely delighted by the turn of events and gushed about it on the Instagram by telling her fans that she can’t wait to tell her kids about it. Apparently, her character, Mei Mei, is a fan weilding, ribbon dancing, all star comical act that will blow the audience’s mind away with hilarity and fun. Hudson told her fans that the character’s ribbon dancing skills are awesome. “Wait till you see her ribbon dance!” she wrote on the Instagram.

Hudson will be joining the cast of “Kung Fu Panda 3,” which is already so star heavy that it is leaning on brilliant. Dustin Hoffman is going to come back as the serene, all-knowing, Kung Fu master, Shifu. Jack Black will obviously come back as the protagonist, the dimsum loving, dragon warrior. Angelina Jolie is going to be the severe Tigress again. Lucy Liu is going to be the cute Viper alongside Seth Rogen, who is a teeny-tiny Mantis. David Cross would be the ever so polite Crane. And of course, there’s Jackie Chan playing Monkey. What Kung Fu movie will be complete without Jackie Chan?

J.K. Simmons and Bryan Cranston join the cast this time. Simmons is the villain Kai, while Cranston will play Po’s father.

Screen Crush and Hollywood Reporter reported the news first.

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