Kate Hudson Turns Writer; Would Help People In Solving Their Problems

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Kate Hudson Turns Writer; Would Help People In Solving Their Problems
Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is no way turning into a lifestyle guru but she surely wants to help people with their problems. She plans to unveil a self-help book written by her soon.

In an interview given to Allure Magazine, the 36-year-old actress said that her book is about “throwing perfection out the window”. She also added that it’s “not an advice book” and is all about discovering what works for one and what does not. In her book, she plans to share everything that has ever worked for her in her journey.

The “Rock the Kasbah” actress was inspired to write the book while engaged in work with the activewear company, Fabletics. She says with conviction that there is every possibility that some readers might not find her book useful, but her book would definitely help many.


In the interview, Hudson also said that happiness does not come to you immediately. She said, “It’s an active process.” In her book Hudson happily shares everything in life that has worked for her.

Hudson is mother to 11- year-old son, Ryder with ex husband, Robinson. She also has a 4-year-old son, Bingham with ex fiancé, Bellamy. The actress who had an unhappy romantic life in the past and a difficult relationship with her father said that her friends motivate her and she tries to focus less on negatives and more on positives.

Kate Hudson discussed in the interview that she and Matt “had different visions of how we (they) wanted to live our (their) lives.” She explains they both are on good terms for the best interest of their child now.

We believe readers would definitely get some useful insights about the actress’ personal and professional life in the book and which would help them to better their personal and professional relations. Though she is devoted to writing a self help book but fans should not be quick to conclude that she would also launch a site like Blake Lively’s Goop and Paltrow’s Preserve.

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