Kate Middleton Expresses Concern About the Mental Well-Being of Children in a Video

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Kate Middleton Expresses Concern About the Mental Well-Being of Children in a Video
Kate Middleton

In a rare video delivered by the Duchess of Cambridge, she highlighted the significance of the difficulties faced by children.

In the video-message, which was recorded for the abutment of UK’s first Children’s Mental Health Week, the 33-year-old Duchess says that she and her husband Prince William have seen children fighting hard to contend with family breakdown, bereavement, bullying and a lot of other issues, which can lead to anxiety, fear, depression, addiction and self-harm.

Middleton, who is soon to give birth to her second child, said the disgrace surrounding mental health means that a lot of little children do not get the help they require so badly, and this facet calls for a change and should be changed at the earliest.

This video was made for Place2Be, an organization that provides emotional help and support in schools.

“Through Place2Be I have seen the benefits of offering children support for their mental health in the safety of the school environment,” the Duchess said, who has been a royal patron of the charity since 2013.

“Both William and I sincerely believe that early action can prevent problems in childhood from turning into larger ones later in life,” Middleton added.

Middleton recorded the video-message at Bethlem and Maudsley Hospital School in Beckenham in a bid to launch a seven-day campaign by the charity.

One can watch her video at www.place2be.org.uk/childrensmhw. It also provides valuable tips for parents on the mental problems children face.

Looking gorgeous as always, the expectant mother’s face was beaming. She is about to give birth to her second baby in April.

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