Kate Middleton Happy For Sister Pippa Middleton and Boyfriend Nico Jackson

By Mradula Mahajan | 2 years ago

There is nothing personal if one is a heartthrob of the entertainment world. Fans looked at Pippa’s phone, and it seems like they saw something which the English author did not want to share it with the world.

According to People, a fellow traveler was passing by Pippa Middleton at the airport in Heathrow and somehow a teenager managed to get a glimpse of her lock screen. By the look it looks like, Pippa Middleton might already be thinking for her her own baby with her boyfriend Nico Jackson. The lock screen of her phone showed the picture of her nephew, Prince George, and sister, Princess Kate.


The 16-years-old Grace Stroup who got an opportunity to meet the star told the magazine that when she met her, she found her extremely nice and when she peaked into her phone she knew whose wallpaper she had on her phone’s lock screen.

Grace Stroup even claimed, “She pulled out her phone and her lock screen had a picture of George and Kate, smiling together looking just like a regular family – it was so cute!” The teenager also described Pippa as extremely lovely and polite. Stroup insisted that the star had a grace about her and it felt very unreal to see her looking so normal around all her fans at the airport.

The fans of Pippa Middleton and her fiance, Nico Jackson knows that there are no such wedding plans at this moment and no one has any idea when the celebrity couple are going to ring the wedding bells. However, Pippa, who has always been under the grace of the Royal family wants to move out and wants to make her own identity. The famous marathoner has joined ‘Today’ show as an on-air correspondent.


In the other news, Life & Style reported that the Pippa Middleton and her millionaire stockbroker Jackson are going to engage soon and Kate Middleton is extremely happy for the couple. According to the insider, “Kate is so happy for Pippa and she loves Nico,” a source said. “They all get along so well!”

Accoriding to Independent, the couple are extremely busy and the marriage seems like in some different corner at this moment.

“Long distance has been tough on them. It’s difficult to find time for one another and Nico seems to be getting fed up with it all,” the source said.

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Image Source: Facebook/ Pippa Middleton’s style


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