Kate Middleton Hiding Her Feelings About Marriage With Prince William Isn’t True

By Neha Bakshi | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Hiding Her Feelings About Marriage With Prince William Isn’t True
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Duchess of Cambridge aka Kate Middleton has been a worldwide icon. The media sets their eyes on her when she is in public. Indeed, she is one of the most charming royal members who is often compared to Princess Diana.

Middleton is trending high online these days. It was after a report surfaced about her feelings for hubby Prince William. Find out what the matter is all about.

Kate Middleton Hiding Her Feelings About Marriage With Prince William?

A recent report emerged about Kate Middleton and Prince William. It stated that Middleton felt trapped in the royal family and she was allegedly hiding her true feelings about her relationship with Prince the Duke. However, Gossip Cop busted the report and revealed that it was a completely false claim and there is absolutely no truth to it.

Furthermore, it was also stated that the Duke refused to throw the birthday bash for his doting wife. However, all these claims have been denied. It seems that these accusations are baseless and do not have authentic sources.  This is not the first time such reports have surfaced online. It has been a part of the lives of royal family lately.

There are not any legitimate proof about their relationship and it seems that they are extremely happy together. Middleton and Prince William are making public appearances as a couple. They are also actively participating in the royal charity works lately.

Another rumor claims that Prince refused to show Kate Middleton any form of affection in public. It also said to be untrue as per the outlet. It says that they are going out in public more often.

Their Relationship & Wedding

Kate Middleton and Prince William studied at the St. Salvator’s Hall in the University of St. Andrews. They began their dating in 2003 but their relationship remained unconfirmed until 2005. They parted ways amicably in 2007 but the reasons remained unknown. However, they rekindled their love after few months.

Kate Middleton and Prince William tied the knot in a huge royal ceremony at the university. Media from all over the world covered their wedding. The duo has two kids together, Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. They are one of the most popular royal couples worldwide and they are being followed immensely. Stay tuned for more updates about Kate Middleton and Prince William.

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