Kate Middleton Initiates Latest Fashion Trend In Head Covering

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Initiates Latest Fashion Trend In Head Covering
Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton seems to be a big magician and we are all spellbound by her. Anything that Duchess of Cambridge wears seems to become a best seller in an instant and everyone seems to just love it.


According to Haaretz it is difficult to find a magazine that has never put any photograph of the Duchess ever. The aura and charisma of the royal beauty are that we just cannot ignore her presence. On top of everything, she has a wonderful dressing style. The spell of her exclusive dressing style is such that even Jewish women are smitten by it.

Adi Heyman who is the founder of Fabologie, which is a fashion blog, has explained that she is modern, demure and modest. The Duchess of Cambridge has her own signature style and we all just have started to recognize the manner in which she get dressed up for different occasions.

Now when the talks move on to the headband of headpieces worn by her, all these have turned out to be a complete fascinator as well. These pieces of ornament that are worn by her are usually small and are often ornate. What this means is that they cover less hair when compared to hats. The complete credit goes to the Duchess of Cambridge as she has started a new fashion for them.

According to Scoop Nest, recently she was spotted wearing something that looked like a garden and this new piece of ornament became popular instantly. It is needless to say that Middleton has a unique style of her own and we are often taking away by the mere presence of her.


During her numerous public appearances, she has made several new friends and have won thousands of admirers.

That is all from the Royal family as of now. Do share your thoughts here.

Photo Source: Facebook/Kate Middleton

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