Kate Middleton Insists Prince William Not To Give Up Throne: Can The Duchess Of Cambridge Replace Queen Elizabeth II?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Insists Prince William Not To Give Up Throne: Can The Duchess Of Cambridge Replace Queen Elizabeth II?
Kate Middleton

It seems that Kate Middleton wishes to become the Queen. The most recent reports claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge is worried about her family’s future with respect to the “line of succession to the throne.” Continue reading the article for more details.

According to a report from JOBS & HIRE, Kate Middleton and Prince William have been selected as “the most powerful and influential couple in the world” in the latest poll. The royal couple outran the Obamas, the Pitts, the Wests, the Beckhams, and the Gates in the poll. The Duke & the Duchess of Cambridge won the poll with 2000 votes, followed by Victoria & David Beckham in the second position, and Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip in the third place. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie couple received the fourth position, while Barack and Michelle Obama finished with fifth place.

Does beating out the Queen Elizabeth II in the latest poll mean that Middleton and William has the chance to dethrone the Queen, and become the ruler of the British Monarch?


Even though the royal couple gives top priority to their family, it seems that the Duchess Of Cambridge is worried about their family’s future in terms of the royal line of succession, as Williams wishes to “give up his place in the line of succession over charity works.” It looks like Middleton urges the Duke of Cambridge not to give up the throne, according to recent reports.

Indeed, William never wanted to be a King. The Duke of Cambridge once said to his mom, the late Princess Diana, that he wishes to become a fireman, in the past reports. Middleton was in fact more anxious when William and his brother Prince Harry enjoyed their involvement in the “DIY SOS: Big Build Veterans.”

Based on Inquisitr, William prefers to be more involved in his family’s life, and does not want his wife Middleton to face the same pressure experienced by his mom.

Star Pulse.com reported that she is having a feud with her mother, Carole. In fact, she was so embarrassed by her mom’s drinking habit, and even banned her from attending future royal events, claimed the report.

It seems that Kate Middleton is worried that she would never become the Queen as William is not keen to continue his place in the line of succession to the throne. Let us catch your thoughts about this news in the comments section.

Photo Source: Facebook/ Kate Middleton

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