Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump Have Identical Photos Of Their Sons Studying Butterflies

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump Have Identical Photos Of Their Sons Studying Butterflies
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Royal Family |

Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump are celebrity mothers whose parenting styles are often scrutinized and duplicated. Lately, almost similar photos of the celebrity moms have been compared side by side.

Ivanka Trump’s photo with her son Joseph closely observing a butterfly at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. was similar to that of Prince George.

Prince George was photographed with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton on his first birthday. On the photo, he was about to touch a butterfly on his father’s hand while his mother was holding him. The photo was taken at the Museum of Natural History in London.

Kate MIddleton, Ivanka Trump

Kate Middleton And Ivanka Trump’s Similar Taste In Clothes

Similar places, similar objects, and similar poses with their sons were seen at the two photos as reported by AOL. Ivanka Trump was reported to be taking cues from the famous Kate Middleton. The two famous women have been noticed to have similar taste in clothes.

The Duchess rarely shares photos of her children to the public. Ivanka Trump often posts photos of her children taken at the White House.

Ivanka Trump has been dragged into the limelight because of her father’s position. The Trump family has been under close scrutiny of the media which her father considers as an “enemy of the state.”

Her stepmother, Melania Trump, her half-brother Barron Trump, and even her brother Junior Trump are being monitored by the media.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton is in the news lately when she was seen as skinnier than before. She and her husband attended the BAFTAs awards.

Understandably being a member of a royal family and the wife of the future king, she has to assume responsibilities. In the case of Middleton, she has assumed some of the queenly duties of Queen Elizabeth II. The 90-year-old monarch is preparing for her eventual retirement in the near future.

Ivanka Trump Is Donald Trump’s Advisor On Women’s Issues

Ivanka Trump is slowly being recognized as a supporter of her father. Not only did she assume his position in the Trump Organization, her father also consults her on issues concerning women. Her efforts in campaigning for her father have paid off. Donald Trump is the 45th president of America.

Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump represent the women of the world. They are educated, empowered and family-oriented. Their celebrity status can impact women from all walks of life.


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Photo Source: Facebook/The Royal Family 

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