Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump Walking The Same Path

By Eva Artosilla | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton, Ivanka Trump Walking The Same Path
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The British Monarchy |

Kate Middleton and Ivanka Trump are now experiencing the same level of scrutiny from the public. Since the time Donald Trump was installed as the 45th president of the US, his daughter Ivanka has been pushed into the limelight.

Every detail of her life is being scrutinized and the notable thing is, she is consistently compared to the Duchess of Cambridge. Both women gained attention when a photo of Ivanka with her son was posted on Instagram. Not long after, a photo of the Duchess with Prince George also surfaced.

The two photos showed both mothers with their sons observing a butterfly. It was a coincidence but a sign that the two are being compared. Now, Trump’s daughter is dubbed as the Kate Middleton of America.

Kate Middleton And Ivanka Trump’s Similarities

One reason why they are compared is that both are fashionable. There was one green dress Ivanka wore that resembled Middleton’s dress. Both have unquestionable taste in choosing their wardrobes.

The First Daughter has been in the fashion industry with her creations carried in distinguished boutiques, according to Daily Telegraph.  However, it cannot be avoided that her business and the White House will be interlinked. With her constant media exposure, her fashion sense has been magnified.

Ivanka is a big influence and the crutch of her father. Her campaign efforts helped her father win the election. Her dad also comes to her when it comes to decision-making in the White House concerning workplace equality.

Even though she came from a family with established businesses, she put up her own fashion line. She is now the right hand of her father in the Trump Organization. Ivanka is also considered as one of the most influential personalities in the US.

Meanwhile, Middleton also carries lots of the royal responsibilities upon her shoulders. She is one of the most influential women in the world. Prince William’s wife is very fashionable that anything she wears is being scrutinized. She is really an admired fashion icon.

In the U.K., she is regarded as the Ivanka in terms of fashion. Middleton is full of grace, kindness and strength that make her a well-loved member of the royal family. However, Middleton and Ivanka must not be seen as competing personalities but as role models of women all over the world.


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Photo Source: Facebook/The British Monarchy

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