Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton Complimented For Her Photography

By Alexandra Jaca | 1 year ago
Duchess Of Cambridge Kate Middleton Complimented For Her Photography
PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook | Kate Middleton Complimented For Her Photography, Duchess Of Cambridge Could Be A Professional Photographer Someday

The Queen’s official photographer recently commended the wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, for her photography skills. He goes far to say that she could have prospered as a professional if she was not a part of the royal family.

While promoting his book, Rittson Thomas candidly expressed to People magazine that he admired the portraits the Kate Middleton took of her children. He admired how she was able to capture the happiness in her kids’ eyes. Thomas is recognized as one of the most talented photographers in the UK. He has often been called to take official portraits of the Royal Family. He first met the Duchess of Cambridge as he prepared to take a picture of her husband, Prince William. He was astounded with how much she knew of the about the field, even down to the technical aspect.

Hugo Burnand, another notable photographer, shared the same sentiment. According to a report from MailOnline, he admired the first official photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte together. Burnand is the same photographer that took photos of Prince William and Kate Middleton on their wedding day.

The Duchess of Cambridge is the first royal to break tradition when it comes to the royal portraits. She has taken several pictures of her children and posted them of the Royal Family’s official website and Twitter account. For example, she took pictures of Prince George’s first day in nursery school and Prince Charlotte’s first birthday. Whenever she performs her duties as a royal, rarely is she seen without her trusty Canon Powershot G12 and just snapping away. She also uses a DSLR when it comes to taking pictures of her kids. The duchess started improving her skills for quite some time. Aside from portraits of her children, she has also uploaded pictures of wherever her royal duties take her.


Photo Source: Facebook/The British Monarchy

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