Kate Middleton Pole Dances; Worried about Prince William Cheating?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Pole Dances; Worried about Prince William Cheating?
Kate Middleton

Just a few weeks after giving birth to Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton has gone back to her pre-pregnancy body. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is now a mother of two, is looking so good that it is making fans wonder what her diet and exercise routine are. A bodyguard of the royal family dished out some details on Middleton’s workout routine… and it includes pole dancing!

According to an insider who told Star Magazine, “Kate agreed to have a lesson as a bit of laugh, she was so nervous about being seen or recognized, she used to wear a scarf around her head as disguise. But, she loved it! She tells everyone that it was great exercise, and she told me that a woman should always have secret talents up her sleeve.”

Some reports have resurfaced that Middleton is doing all these exercise routines so Prince William won’t have a reason to cheat on her! Well, if that’s the case then she is really doing a great job. She looks fantastic!

Another royal insider told People that Middleton works with atop London trainer and it is the same trainer that Middleton employed during her pregnancy, “It’s a lot of money, but you get a lot for the price. The trainer checks in remotely with Kate by phone every day as well as seeing her in person once a week.”

The 33-year old Duchess also maintains a healthy diet, which includes organic fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Pippa Middleton, Kate’s sister is also reported to have fresh juices delivered to the Duchess on a regular basis following her sister’s birth to Princess Charlotte.

There are also some news about Queen Elizabeth not happy with Kate’s choice of workout as she allegedly thinks it is “stripper’s exercise” and it is not appropriate for a Duchess.

What does Prince William have to say about his wife’s hot bod? That we wonder!

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Photo source: Kate Middleton Facebook

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