Kate Middleton And Prince William Love Each Other Deeply And It Is Adorable

By Ila Samant | 3 years ago
Kate Middleton And Prince William Love Each Other Deeply And It Is Adorable
Kate Middleton and Prince William are deeply in love with each other and look the cutest.

Kate Middleton, 33 and Prince William also 33, have been married for over 4 years after 12 years of dating one another. This royal couple has given birth to two children, Prince George, who is 2-year old and Princess Charlotte, who is two months old. Recently, they were spotted at the opening ceremony of Rugby World Cup on Friday in Twickenham, England. Even after 12 years of dating and 4 years of marriage, the love between the couple is visible as it was spotted that in the opening ceremony, they could not keep away from one another. The couple was lost into themselves for a long time. Read on for more details.

The duchess, who has just got her new hairdo according to ET NEWS, was showing it off to the cameras. She wore a blue-colored Reiss coat, and the Duke looked well-groomed as he wore a blue-colored suit and a tie was which was printed with white.

According to ET, after paying a visit to the Anna Freud Centre on Thursday, this was the second outing of the couple after the birth of Princess Charlotte. The couple attracted the attention of many spectators that had come to see the match who were laughing and giggling between themselves.

The lovebirds looked spectacular as they were staring at one another for a long time. When Prince Harry, the president said his opening speech, they clapped and looked amazing. The couple was so into themselves that they were even sharing their secrets. It looked like they were enjoying themselves to the core. Middleton’s facial expressions also showed that something funny could have happened between them. It is true that in the race of the cutest couples, this royal pair would always be on the top number.

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Photo Source: Facebook/TheBritishMonarchy

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