Kate Middleton And Prince William Being Pushed To Stay Married?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton And Prince William Being Pushed To Stay Married?
Prince William and Kate Middleton

One of the by-products of being a famous person is that your own life is like an open book for everyone. The decisions of your personal life are made by people who do not even know you really. For Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, there seems to be no place in this world where they can hide. Their married life may be in complete turmoil due to divorce rumors floating all around.

According to starpulse.com, the young royal couple is made to go and attend community events together under strict instructions from Queen Elizabeth II. According to reports, just like many other public appearances, which show their togetherness, the time spent together at the Rugby World Cup was just another attempt to put rumors to rest.

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The pair fooled the cameras fixated on them by appearing to be happy all the time during their appearance at the sports event. They were seen smiling and whispering at each other on many occasions. So, the big question is, are they faking all this or is there still affection between them?

According to lockerdome.com, their case is almost looks like a repeat of history. Princess Diana and Prince Charles also looked or pretended to look happy and comfortable with each other all the time, but, suddenly, one fine day, they announced their divorce.

Charles and Diana went on a trip in November 1992 and just a month later their separation was announced by the prime minister of Britain. It is believed that Queen Elizabeth is trying her best to prevent another scandal by keeping Kate Middleton and Prince William together.

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Four children of Queen Elizabeth are divorced and also her sister Princess Margaret. She is not in a position to take another one.

Photo Source: Twitter/Prince William and Kate Middleton

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