Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Feud Continues! Royal Pissed At Dutchess For Missing Engagements

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton And Queen Elizabeth II Feud Continues! Royal Pissed At Dutchess For Missing Engagements
Kate Middleton

Catherine, the duchess of Cambridge, popularly known as Kate Middleton, is in a royal quandary. The Queen, Elizabeth II, isn’t hip to her modern ways and Kate isn’t in a mood to let the tradition bog her down.

The ruling royal, Queen Elizabeth II, isn’t too pleased with Kate Middleton’s wayward ways. Kate Middleton has skipped many royal engagements to attend tea parties with celebrities and have fun time at the Wimbledon.

According to a recently released report, the Duchess of Cambridge is being judged for her choices of godparents for her children. The Queen was displeased that she chose godparents for her children outside of the royal family. The Queen was also displeased that the Duchess of Cambridge didn’t mind missing an event honoring veterans.

It is well-known that Kate had tea with the Hollywood monarchs, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and had played hokey on the royal front by not attending some serious official events.

Kate has also displeased the Queen with her spendthrift ways. Her latest changes to Amner Hall have cost over $2 million in renovations.

If sources are to be believed, Kate is getting “a bit of a reputation” as a “Duchess of Do Little.” Life and Style Magazine claimed that this is where the epithet, “Lazy Katie” came from. But let us cut the new princess some slack. She is being unfairly judged for her behavior. After all, a princess has got to have fun too. She’s young, she’s dynamic, and she has never been in the uptight environment of a royal family before. The duchess probably never expected that her life would be made so incredibly public after her fairy tale love affair and wedding.

The Queen comes from a different generation which held duty towards their subjects in high esteem. She expects the new princess to be more responsible towards her subjects. Kate on the other hand is happy being a good stay at home mom and doesn’t like to carry the burden of social responsibility on her shoulders. Their battle of egos will obviously be interesting to watch and report on.

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