Is Kate Middleton Really Pregnant With Twins?

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Is Kate Middleton Really Pregnant With Twins?
Kate Middleton

It is difficult to imagine as to what extent paparazzi can go to create interest of readers. For someone like Kate Middleton it can be really difficult to keep things in control. As, rumors for a third child were not enough for the paparazzi, they have now taken up another angle to garner attention. This time they have floated rumors that Middleton is expecting a twin. Is it true or just another rumor? Read On!

According to, the truth in these rumors is not yet confirmed, but one thing is for sure, you cannot have a check on someone’s imagination or thought process, particularly that of the media.

Prince William and Kate Middleton had Princess Charlotte just a few months back. Given the appearance of Kate Middleton it doesn’t seem like she is pregnant. In case there is any truth in these rumors than it will definitely come as a bit of surprise to all of us, and not just for Middleton.


Of late, Middleton is making good amount of public appearances and some people may think of her exhaustion as that she is pregnant for a third time. It seems like, according to rumor generator, the only reason for a person like Middleton to get exhausted is because of pregnancy.

According to, well, rumor generators should go through some medical books and check out as to what all can be causes for exhaustion and then start generating rumors. Some rumors are also speculating that she is already three months pregnant. It is another no-sense rumor, as by looking at her flat tummy it does not seem like that.

Hope that rumor generators don’t start speculating that the Duchess of Cambridge is starving and is not getting enough food to eat. At best, Kate Middleton should be left alone, she already had enough.

Photo Source: Facebook/Kate Middleton

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