Kate Middleton Struggling To Keep Up Appearances: Is Prince Williams Thinking of Leaving Her?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Struggling To Keep Up Appearances: Is Prince Williams Thinking of Leaving Her?

Kate Middleton’s in the middle of trouble again. Quick on the heels of the rumor that she is struggling with depression comes the news that her husband is on the verge of calling it quits for them. Read on for more details.

The Royal family is beginning to look like a regular family. Two young lovers, from different family backgrounds, reach out for each other and plan to make their vision of the world come true. Five years and two children later, the couple no longer knows what they came together for and they don’t want to work out on their problems. It is a very common story, but very few royals have lived it yet.

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We are not saying that Prince William and Kate Middleton are headed for the dreaded D-word. They might just wake up to the fact that they might need to sort themselves out and pull their relationship back together. Their children, George and Charlotte, would obviously like it better if the two continued to work with each other and make the marriage work.

However, if the news reports about their recent sighting at the 2015 Rugby World Cup are to be believed, they are getting tired of pretending to like being around each other. According to the Design and Trend Magazine, Middleton is trying to pretend that the rift between her husband and her is not deepening, while her husband is stoutly fighting off her amorous overtures and looking the other way.

At the Rugby Cup, the Duchess of Cambridge tried to show the cameras that they were still happy by indulging in some public display of affection while her husband looked like he was bored out of wits. Maybe the press is reading too much into this. Maybe the Prince regent and his wife were just having a bad day. Maybe this smoke doesn’t have a fire. We hope that it is so.

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