Kate Middleton Versus Queen Elizabeth – Is the Duchess Changing the Queen?

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton Versus Queen Elizabeth – Is the Duchess Changing the Queen?
Kate Middleton

The royals are at war again. Kate Middleton is afraid that granny-in-law Queen Elizabeth may be snooping to find her little secrets.

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, is perturbed by the fact that somebody, possibly one of her servants, is tipping her grandmother in law, Queen Elizabeth, about every little detail of her life including such interesting historically significant details like Kate’s taken pole dancing lessons.

If some disreputable sources are to be believed, former bodyguards revealed to the queen, and apparently the press that Kate Middleton has taken, horror of horrors, pole dancing lessons. This has apparently cheesed off the Queen some, because the lady thinks that it is not a skill worth learning. And the two royals are feuding again.

In other news, Middleton is apparently trying to have a third baby with her husband, Prince William, and the Queen doesn’t like that idea either. Wonder what the problem could be! Perhaps the queen thinks Middleton is too young to take care of three children at the same time! When Queen Elizabeth refused to attend Prince George’s second birthday party, and sent Prince Phillip in her stead, it was a clear indication that all is not well between feuding royals. Oh those meddling Middletons! They tire the queen so.

Some of the bodyguards at the castle have also revealed that Queen Elizabeth is incredibly fond of, dig this, big mac and cheese. It has been claimed that Her Majesty usually gets a Big Mac, strawberry shake, and apple pie from McDonald when she wants to have fun. She eats the meal in the car, so as to not embarrass the clowns who think it is funny.

The Duke aka Prince William started his job as a pilot with East Anglian Air Ambulance. That sounds a little strange to our ears too. Royals? Working?

Do you think the meddling Middletons have changed the royals? Do you think it is a good thing? Write your views in the comments section below.

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Photo Source: Kate Middleton / Facebook

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