Why Was Kate Middleton At A Women’s Prison?

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
Why Was Kate Middleton At A Women’s Prison?

The royal family watchers became astonished as Kate Middleton, issued a secret visit to a women’s prison last Friday. Per the outlet, she has first ever stepped out to meet drug- and alcohol-addicted inmates in a rehab program in England.

Certainly, the royal mom explores her humanitarian side as she visited the detention center, about 30 miles southwest of London.

The sources reported that her sole mission was to share thought and to highlight the global problem of addiction that make one vulnerable in the society. After spending an hour with the inmates, she apprehends that there are potential reasons that provoke them to be delinquent. The Duchess of Cambridge realized how personal turmoil and failure intervened in early life can leave profound consequences on minds. At the same time, she executed her concern towards the victims, who if are treated properly, can be the greatest advertisements for humanity. She has encouraged the effort after learning how the organizations come up with specialist support to break the cycle of addiction that has an impact within the wider family network and bring the individuals back to the main course from being socially vulnerable.

According to sources, the fashionable royal carried conversations, which was quite surreal and she made the inmates at ease. It indicated that she bore a genuine interest in this move. The official statement from the charity, Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPT) revealed that the duchess met the current inmates in a meeting room adorned with paintings and inspirational slogans.

They remained extremely flattered as they believe it does not only lift the spirits but also will help to grow their work sphere. Most of all, people who often treated the drug addicted inmates as the “scum of the earth” may rethink about the complexity after the action by the Duchess, and could make them extend their hands to victims for recovery. Prior to the extremely high profile visit, they tend to be an organization that keeps their profile low.

Kate also met ex-inmates and graduates of the RAPT program to know about their journey to recovery and how the program has assisted them to live a drug and crime-free life. The royal expressed her gratitude to the inmates HMP Send in Surrey who recounted their personal yet moving tales to her. She saluted the way they are battling addictions to drugs and alcohol.

RAPT has started in 2000 is the only of this kind in England. Approximately 450 women have been treated through the six-month 12-step program but the charity never received a visitor like the fashionable Monarch. (via ET)

Kensington Palace has not heralded a single word about this visit and urged the media to be tight lipped until Kate leaves the prison. To keep the secrecy, phones and laptops were banned from the premises. The secrecy was so tight that even the inmates were unaware and thought Russell Brand might be paying them a visit. They were pleasantly surprised when Kate arrived at the Surrey prison at 10.45am. Kate was presented with a gift by one of the inmates, for her and her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. The gift bag included homemade honey from the prison’s beehive, pastries, and aprons.

It certainly tends to be an unusual step as we mostly see the Duchess in glamorous and posh royal engagements but this sort of job is not a stand alone in the royal canvass. Lady Diana was much adored for her charitable moves and Kate also patrons another charity Action on Addiction in England since 2012. Even Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall periodically go to prisons with individual interest to enhance various charitable connections.

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Photo Source: Kate Middleton/ Facebook

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