Kate Middleton’s £10 Billion Family Fortune: Baby Charlotte And George Serving As Blank Cheques

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Kate Middleton’s £10 Billion Family Fortune: Baby Charlotte And George Serving As Blank Cheques
Small Wonder!

Royal baby Charlotte, or more precisely Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana isn’t just a regular baby bringing in love and happiness in the family. She worths more than 3£ billion to the British economy. Left your mouth wide open? Read on to get the complete scoop.

Baby Charlotte was born on May 2, 2015. Though she is just 4 months old, her royal bloodline has turned her into the wonder-child. She is fourth in line to succeed the royal throne of England, after Prince Charles, Prince Williams and little Prince George who happens to be her sibling.

With just two public appearances so far, she has been generating an impressive amount of business for the British economy.

Though Prince George, Kate’s first child is elder to Princess Charlotte, and has all the possibility to be the king one day, his sister seems to have defeated him when it comes to British fortunes. He is worth a scant £2.3 billion, reports Daily Express.

The news of the “Charlotte-effect” is the hot new talk of the town. It has uplifted the associated brands of Duchess Kate to a great extent.

Brand Finance has reported that the little Princess’ birth alone, has been magical. It generated fortunes of more than £100 million.

“The unofficial endorsement of Charlotte, George and their mother Kate in particular has a profound financial effect running into millions annually,” said Brand Finance’s chief executive David Haigh.

The Director of Gillian Hurt & Sons seemed delighted with the enormous media coverage, since it brought a major leap in the orders he receives from across the globe, reported Daily Express.

Prams With Pizazz, the company which restored the Silver Cross vintage pram that carried the princess to her christening, can also be put into the same category.

Way to go Princess!

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