Kate Moss does her best bunny for Playboy!

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Kate moss stretches out across the floor and casts a feline glance to the camera as she makes her Playboy debut.

While most women would prefer not to celebrate their 40th birthday by stripping off, it barely needs pointing out that Kate indeed does not have a sedate life.

In case you had given up on the thought that the Kate Moss Playboy photo shoot was not going to happen then you may want to reconsider that again. Why? Because Playboy is kicking off things with a preview photo shoot for its December 2013 issue of the magazine.

In the picture you’ll see Kate doing her best Bunny: strapless leotard, high heels, a puffy tail and how can we forget those signature bunny ears.

The full spread and cover will be added to the magazine’s 60th anniversary January/February 2014 issue that is set to come out in December.

According to reports the shoots were supposed to be a secret but apparently Kate’s hairstylist, Oribe Canales who had accidentally revealed that she had been photographed by Marcus Pigott and Mert Atlas who have done photo shoots of stars ranging from Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

The question that remains here is simple. Will you be buying the latest issue of Playboy magazine featuring Kate Moss?

Source: Huffington Post

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